Employment Pros & Cons

Employment has its perks and whoopedos. Being employed for the for time (even if it's only for 7 days because it's a summer job), I have observed the pros & cons of employment in the Philippines specifically.

Here's a list of what I think are the pros & cons of employment:


  • salary
  • benefits (social security, PhilHealth, PAG IBIG, ++)
  • incentives 
  • double pay (depends on chances)
  • promotions
  • experiences & all that goes with it


  • your salary is fixed
  • being promoted could sometimes "mean more work, average pay"
  • your time may not be your money's worth
  • no control with such things or restrictions to rules & regulations
  • deduction/s of pay
  • 1 - 2 week/s process for your paycheck (if you're lucky)

...and the list of it goes on.

PIECE OF ADVICE: If you aren't happy with what you're doing, quit it! Life's too short.

Updates... Updates


Needless to say, I've been away for too long again. And whoa... maybe it doesn't stop there. Been too long on a hiatus but I've got so much stories to tell.

Hmmm... Let's see, so far:

  • I've got a job - a summer job, which lasted for a week
  • My untold stories when I visited the Pandanon Island (which I really was planning to post it here but the camera's acting all bitchy) 
  • I've got to vote for the first time!
  • My plans for volunteering to NYC

I'll get you posted in a bit ... ;)

Josh & Reina Weds!

Recently, on April 12th to be exact, my maternal Uncle Josh, who arrived from his tour bunch of countries awesome job, being a seaman, marries Reina for the second time! The first one was through civil and this time, off to church they go!

Families, relatives and friends were invited to witness their church wedding. My brother & I were told to be at my grandparent's house at 10 o'clock sharp to have our preparations done. After that, we were instructed to go to Cebu Grand Hotel to which they had their after wedding took place for dinner and some activities that covers it.

I never knew it was dragging to held a wedding event such this! No pun intended but see, I've witnessed everything (well, most of it), from preparations, pictorials, make ups & clothing enhancements to the actual service for the wedding & the after wedding ceremonies. Which I personally to prefer to get something done in a direct manner, but it's their big day and we respect them for it. :)

Pictures I've taken along:

mini snacks at the ballroom hallway

preparation for the entrances

parents of the groom

parents of the bride

flower girls

the best man & the matron of honor

the groom & the bride

pastor larano giving speech

Congratulations couples!


me right now -___-

I can't help but ... 

There are just things in life which would look so pleasing & tempting at first, things of which you wanted to happen and to be involved with, in the first place. But then, little did you & anybody know, when you get to be involved, when you get to take part and be in that particular situation, something, which you can't explain takes in and drops you down like *snaps* that! 

thy wandering immensely vast mind

I don't even know if someone understands me but I'm most likely sure that's it's probably weirding you out at some point but I guess I'm always entitled to my own opinion as to which we all are

It's inevitable. 
And so human.


No one knows why they do, or can even explain the matter of it.
But something's for sure, they've had it and got their souls broken.
They've messed & fucked up seemingly lost in an illusion of isolated island or an abandon desert.

The point is, they're LOST. 
Do they know what to do? Got any idea what's next? 
That's probably why they don't care because they've had the same sane thing going on all over and over again.

It's like getting stuck in a trances!

Can anybody get me outta here?

media are from Tumblr

Long Overdue

Greater things have yet to come and greater things are still to be done in this city! --- God Of This City, Chris Tomlin 

I know it's been decades since I have posted a thing here in my blogspot. Loads of events has been taking place lately, projects that has to be done, certain lessons that needs my attention and some things, skills that I need to spend time on studying. Recently, I was happy to resume my illustration lessons from Milan Fashion Campus! It has been also more than a year since I've started it by making some sketches, primarily on the eyes, due to the very reason that I'm still on the process of enhancing my artistic abilities on such.

Aside from that, I've been joining various organizations, ventured into business, getting invited into private events during the weekends that can help through my personal & professional growth. Even collaborating with my dear colleagues needs time, attention, planning and getting into a closer look into the details.

You might say that I may have given up on this little space / blog, in fact, I almost did. Probably, due to a lack of commitment, which is some virtue that I'm trying to work on. But see, I'm still here. Living. Kicking. Fighting. Taking chances & Moving on to territories.

More may come. Expect it!  

Black & White Drama

The Crew.

i scream for ice cream!


TsiBoom Native Restaurant


Cuisine Type: Filipino
Location: Ground Floor J-Centre Mall AS Fortuna St., Mandaue City
Contact No.: (032) 417 1500
Price Range: Php 200 - Php 600

Operating Hours: 
Monday - Thursday: 10:00AM to 11:00PM
Friday - Saturday: 10:00AM to 11:30PM
Sunday: 10:00AM to 11:00PM


Wifi: Yes
Power Source: Yes
Menu: Click Here & Here

It came to a surprise when we (my family & I) dropped off on a mall during a Sunday after church to have our lunch out. We usually differ of restaurant choices until it came to a final decision, TsiBoom it is! TsiBoom is all Filipino & native but mind you, most of the dishes are very exquisite and flavourful. 

We've had: 

Chicken Pandan



Buko Shake
This might seem like typical and ordinary Filipino food which you've usually had during some fiestas or celebration, the difference is just how they make it so deliciously flavourful and mouthwatering, playing with the herbs and spices and with a big support of the main ingredients! 

Plus, the ambiance is also good: 

And whether you want it or not, you'll get...  

unlimited rice
 ... for free. 

Wanna get 'em a call? 

Happy Dining! ;)

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