Mind Your Own Business

Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people. - Eleanor Roosevelt 

Don't you just love the quotation above? How it describes the minds and somehow the behaviour of people through what they are usually talking about? And we can often observe these further when we are invited to such parties, events, a gathering for example with family members or friends. Even in school or work or in the business, we all encounter a lot of these certain behaviour which is good or bad because as human as we are, are social beings and it's considered a need for us to connect and interact with people.

Yes, it could be fun, it could be somehow a challenge, it could also be boring or fierce in some matters. In fact, it could be anything from each person's unique perspective. After all, all of us are unique  individuals who makes mistakes and sees things differently causing to different beliefs, faith, actions way of thinking and philosophies in life.

We have different taste that may vary from one to the other. And there are times that most of us wants people to hear things we just said, our opinion, ideas, our talking. And somehow we may overlook to realize that the person who'd always hear us out also needs someone to talk to. We don't just accept and accept feedbacks and loads of information that is being relayed to us but we also need to pour out information and share it with people. After all communication is a two way thing and is ought to be given respect and understanding as we communicate with other people we encounter and we don't have to judge their  conceptions and ideas or opinion that they choose to impart with us through communication.


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"Don't be so quick to judge. You only see what I choose to show!" ;)

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