Stuck In Trances

Sometimes, I Miss The Old Me...

who cares.

who treasures things in her life.

who doesn't suppresses how and what she feels inside.

who completely believes that she has what it takes to soar up high and fly.

who has faith and trust.

who was gracefully fearless and heartfully brave. 

who hides her wounded utmost soul in the wings of the Almighty.

who knows how to pray and iniates it.

who knows how to cry her heart out.

who knows how to cry.

who doesn't know much of this world.

who was as innocent as of a child.

who sings cheerfully in the shower. 

who knows how to cry.

who doesn't ran away from love.

who doesn't push away those people that she loves.

who has faith on people.

who knows where she's going.

who doesn't draw a fake laugh and fake smiles.

who stands firmly about justice.

who doesn't discriminates.

who definitely knows who she is.

who'll stood up for anyone who she thinks is right.

who knows that she's nothing without God.

who believes that there's more to life.

who knows where she drew her strength from and abides from it.

who knows that whatever trouble and struggle that she may face, her eyes and heart will always look up upon the Lord, who never gets tired of giving her strength.

Now, where is that girl?

re posting this blog post from my personal dailies because I just felt like being stuck in a same sane trances as I was in months years ago. And oh boy, sometimes I wonder how will I ever get out!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    cool... i like it.. way cool

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