Life Design - Life is what we make of it

A very rich old man decided to spend some time touring the world. So he sent for his young neighbor, a carpenter. The old man wanted to build a new house.
The old man gave the carpenter the money before he left, enough to build a big house. But he did not specify the design, the date of completion, nor any other specific details. So the carpenter was left all the decisions.

The carpenter took a long time to finish the new house. He did not give his best effort. The result is poor workmanship. What is worst is that the carpenter purchased low quality lumbers and other construction materials.

After a long time, the old man returned from abroad. **Sir, I have already finished the house you have instructed me to build** said the Carpenter. **Very good** said the old man. **Since I already have a house and only a few years are left in my life, that new house was built especially for you**

Life is what we make of it. God has given the general decision to build fruitful lives for us. But we should be the one to provide the design and necessary details.

These are the choices we make in our lives. What we are now is the result of the choices we have made in the past. So if we want a prosperous future, we should take the best choices now.

Most people regard their lives as failures. But they themselves did not make their lives successful and meaningful. The fact remains that some people are very successful in their lives.

Our present job or business gives our family and us the benefits, but we continue to give poor workmanship. We forgot that our job or business is for our own development, to make us a better person and to give us provision for the future.

Some people immediately reject an idea or a system because they perceive that the system will not work. But other people have thrived and became successful in that same system.

So, it is not the system or idea that does not work but it is the person who did not make the system or idea work for them.


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