A Man, His Son, and a Donkey

The story below is by Jim Dornan, author of the book **Strategies for Success**

There is a story of a father and his son who took their donkey to the market one day in order to buy food. The father sat on the donkey and the boy walked.

As they traveled, on-lookers said: "What a terrible thing. A big strong man like that riding while the poor boy has to walk."

So the father got off and he let the boy ride. Then people said: "How disrespectful. The father walks while his son rides."

So they both got on the back of the donkey. And then people said: "How cruel. Two people riding on that poor donkeys back."

So they both got off the donkey and walked. People said: "How foolish. Both of them walk while a perfectly healthy donkey has nothing on his back."

They finally arrived at the market a day late. When they got there, everyone marveled to see the man and his son carrying the donkey.

It is not surprising that our inner circle of family, relatives, and friends have something negative to say about us and the new things we are doing or our new business venture. Surprisingly, we believe these craps they say.

These distractions keep us from reaching our destination on time and on the extreme, from reaching our goals in life.

**Like the man with the donkey, we can become so concerned with the pressures we experience that we lose sight of where we are going and why we are going there. Trivial affairs and hollow criticisms can preoccupy us so completely that there is no room in our minds for vision**- Jim Dornan


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