The Mansion at the Other Side of the Mountain

Suppose I tell you that a mansion is waiting for you at the other side of the mountain.

You want to believe me, but you could not, because you have been fooled a lot by others. You are not willing to get hurt again.

The problem is, you cannot see the mansion over the mountain unless you walk towards it. And most people do not move forward far enough to catch a glimpse of their mansion.

But the mansion exists whether you move towards it or not.

The moral lesson is about your faith in that mansion. Faith is the confident assurance of things hoped for, a conviction of the reality of things NOT SEEN (Hebrew 11:1).

It is very difficult to see, at present, the future reward waiting for us. It may also take a much longer time to claim it. Most people do not have faith that they do not take action towards their dreams in life. People immediately dismiss the story of the mansion because of their lack of faith.

Some people will attempt to go forward to see their mansions but lose steam afterwards.

Some people moved forward but found enormous difficulty in the course of scaling the mountain or barrier to their dreams. In the first place, they do not believe that there is a mansion over the other side. So they go back from where they are before. In the manner of self-justification, they say that the reward is not worth the difficulty.

Faith fuels a very strong emotion and supplies the adrenalin that makes difficulty a pleasure. The deeper the conviction, the stronger a person is. And the less likely a person is to experience stress in the face of adversity.

**If we have a why, we shall get along with almost any how**- Nietzsche

A very few inspired people prepared, enjoyed the scenery along the way, sustained the hike through difficulty and finally reached the summit of the mountain. From that vantage point, they can now see the roof of their mansions over the other side. They hurriedly go down to claim them.

These are the most successful people. And they are very few. I wonder why.

The mansion can be your dream in life, your vision for the general welfare of the society or simply, financial reward. Go get your mansion.


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