Not Every Person Is What We Think They Are

There is far more greater than you think there is!

Sometimes, we see every person just the way they are but not the way they could be! Whenever we try to "label" a person, we based it in their "looks" not in what's really inside them or not in what's in their "hearts". (hmm.... just frankly speaking!... i just learned this so-called "lesson" in school, actually..)

It's not really evil or bad to think about a person with a thought that "he or she is like that or like this....," some stuff like that (..and that's if it's the fact or the "real deal" about that person, if it were just lies or stories which aren't true, then it's really really bad! its EVIL!)

You see, we can actually learned a lot of stuff from other people even if we don't know them that much or even if they were just strangers! I've actually learned it from people around me in SCHOOL, even if they don't know it, I guess the lesson's gonna stay with me 'til golden years... hehehe.... so much for that! I sometimes looked at things the way they are rather than the way they could be then I'm simply reminded by those people around me about certain things in life.

hehehe... it's been a long while and I'm still facing the computer right now(laughs***smiles***chuckles) =D hmm. . needless to say, I'm kindda' speechless? or thoughtless? right now... NOT EVERY PERSON IS WHAT WE THINK THEY ARE ---Guess what?! They're much MORE than that! In life, we should not take every second and every day for granted, who knows? maybe something unexpected could happen!



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"Don't be so quick to judge. You only see what I choose to show!" ;)

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