Once I Was a Flower

Once I was a flower,
But now I'm just a stem.
I didn't like my petals
So I did away with them.

I thought my colors ugly,
So I threw them all away.
Wanted orange, red, and purple.
Didn't like my shades of gray.

To look like other flowers was all I really wanted,
Like all the other roses who were never teased and taunted.
Like the child who's picked last for elementary school athletics,
I thought that I was worthless and blamed it on genetics.

I wanted to be chosen for a beautiful bouquet,
But I knew no one would want me for my ugly color gray.
So I tore my petals out and I threw them to the ground,
With the wind they blew away and were never to be found.

Now I stand here naked with all my petals gone for good,
And I wish that long ago I would have only understood
That looks can be deceiving and that gray is not so bad.
Now I know that I possessed more than I thought I had.

>--Danielle Rosenblatt-->


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