Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone!

You're braver than you think you are!

Do you know how it feels like being inside a certain world where everything seems unfamiliar to you? Or just strange and uncomfortable? It's like everyone's out to get you or something, it seems like you're an alien or a "stranger" in this whole new world, where everything you wanted or liked doesn't even exist. Where every little you just outta know doesn't mean that much to every person around you...

How does it feel? Scary? Creepy? Or even some kindda' weird for me to say?!! hmm... I got a bit of being indifferent at first! Well, what can I say? I'm not in the world where I'm used to, before....
So I have to adapt and get used to this kind of world where I'm at now! It is some kind of a little BIG deal.... But anyway I've got to move on and lend on with this life! It's not so surprising anyway... (I just thought!) Oh, I missed it! (my previous so-called "world" where I'm used to...)

But did you just stop and think for a second, this isn't so bad, of course this isn't so bad after all... stepping out of your comfort zone could mean a lot of things like --- facing your fears, having some trouble with your family or with your life, facing some problems, getting bankrupt, or any other worst things you could think of this life or of this stupid world where we live in! But the thing is, when were not in our "comfort zone" and when things seem to get rough and very hard and when it seems like you're so down and low and so tied up and so tired with these stupid things that's happening in your life right now, always take a pause for a second, stop and think for a while, you're gonna get over this one day, and that day will come like the sunrise shining up your day telling you to wake up and get started with life! you're gonna get over this --- just think just how brave you are to take on those the "unknown", to face those so-called "giants" in your life that's hindering you to become successful and make your dreams come true, to fight and persevere with your last might! Everything happens in life with a special purpose. Just think just how brave you are, you are indeed!


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