some facts about me ♥

1. i am EXTREMELY PERKY even if it's NOT obvious.

2. i love gadgets.

3. i love ice creams, rainbows and spaghettis.

4. i am SKINNY and i'm some sort of not liking it. :P

5. i am part GIRLY and part BOYISH. :D

6. i LOVE to READ a LOT of BOOKS. :)

7. i love to read quotes. (but no longer the CHEESY ones. :D)

8. i hate being YELLED AT or BOSSED AROUND.

9. i don't have a sister. i am the only girl.

10. i ALWAYS love to THINK.

11. i like colors PINK, PURPLE, WHITE, BLACK, GRAY and RED.

12. i USED to like GREEN.

13. i can get a little CRAZY sometimes and ANNOYING. :]

14. i don't really like chocolates but eats some if there is. :)

15. i think UP's great.

16. i don't like basketball.

17. i love GO KARTING.

18. i like GUNS.

19. i don't wanna be like my mom. shhhhh..... xx

20. i want to publish a book someday. :)

21. i don't wanna have a crush on a classmate anymore but unexpectedly IS crushing NOW. (*BLUSH*)

22. i am a sucker for LATINOS.

23. i love brown eyes and sometimes, curly hairs. :)

24. i like intelligent people. :)

25. i love SHIH TZU dogs (did i spelled it right?)

26. i always SING in the shower that's why it took me so long to finish :D

27. SOMETIMES, i don't wanna be a GIRL.

28. i am not really GOOD at MATH. (i'm not like my mom. xx)

29. i find it hard to swim.

30. i WANT to be FLUENT in speaking FRENCH. :))

31. i wanna have my own movie.

32. i wanna be in business and be good at it. :D

33. I ALWAYS KNOW WHAT I WANT. :)) and i'm proud of it.


35. i have my own PHILOSOPHY. and i don't want to be dictated on what to do.

36. i also want to learn MARTIAL ARTS.

37. i like the idea of fashion, simplicity and elegance.


39. i can play a little bit of keyboard/piano.

40. i love ROCK music and so as the CLASSICAL ones.

41. before i go to sleep, i always listen to music.

42. i haven't blogged back and write in my diary since, like, high school.

43. i love the idea of being a college student.

44. i have no issues with my course. :))

45. i still miss my high school. :)

46. i love roller coaster rides. :))

47. i love road trips.

48. i love unplanned adventures. :D

49. i like my primary pic.

50. i actually LOVE twitter. i love to TWEET. :D

51. manilyn and i are planning to have a band called "SheBand"

52. i'm creating a fan page in facebook called "ShePower"

53. i think life isn't fair and i wanna do something about it.

54. i wanna be TAN.

55. sometimes, i WANT to be a SOLDIER. :]

56. i am afraid of insects.

57. i am allergic of dusts.

58. i always LAUGH for NO reason at all. :D

59. i know some people thinks i'm weird. :|

60. i made BILLIONS of mistakes but i'm over it NOW. :)

61. i always almost wanna cry.

62. sometimes i wanna hurt people for hurting me. :/

63. i hate good byes.

64. i am afraid to have some quarrels/fights.

.......and SO MUCH more.....

point is, somewhat growing up and learning to have FUN, loving and accepting yourself. we may not be perfect

in everything or in a whole lot of ways ... but let's begin with a


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"Don't be so quick to judge. You only see what I choose to show!" ;)

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