Victorious - Freak the Freak Out full episode

So ya, currently watching Victorious' episode, Freak the freak Out. So, i'll post the full episode here. Sit back and relax. :)

Trina and Tori's a good goof off. Jade was sort of mean, which i liked about her. And Cat is so cute. ♥  Featuring Jade ft. Kat's Give It Up.

eer, you decide how to describe this one... (Tori: Yup! Just feeel the peas.)

The Ice Cream - Sadly, Trina can't savor it much because she just got off from the dentist.

Jade's Monkey Fur. 

Hailey: Enjoy us.
Jade: Enjoy my Monkey Fur!

Jade's obviously got a competition with some girl who flirted with her boyfriend.
And competition...

Hailey: Okay. That's it! You guys are banned from singing here ever again.
Jade: Yeah! Like we care.
Jade's Boyfriend: C'mon! Let's get outta here. 
Waitress: Okay. I have your nachos, your sliders, and buffalo nuggets. 
Andrei: I say we get outta here right after we finish this food!

Kat: What's on your arm?
Tori: Trina's mouth blood.
Kat: Eww.
Jade:  Cool!

Trina: Get out of my mouth!

pictures and videos credit by (DisneyTv102)


  1. Anonymous said...:

    she says stay away from my mouth, not get out

  1. Anonymous said...:

    jade's bf's name is beck

  1. pinklace said...:

    i stand corrected. thanks!! :)

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