The Trouble with Dee Dee

Interesting enough, I happen to stumble on Diva Universal's "Movies @ 10" when I find myself getting bored so I just simply watched what happens next. Turns out, I was watching this comical and hilarious movie, The Trouble with Dee Dee. 

The plot goes this way:

A loudmouthed woman-child and her disapproving father engage in an epic battle of wills in this unhinged family comedy starring Lisa Ann Walter and Kurtwood Smith. Dee Dee Rutherford (Walter) may be a full grown woman, thought her abrasive personality has made her the bane of her father Bill's existence for as far back as either can remember. For the past fifteen years, the contentious father and daughter have lived like oil and water. But now, on the eve of Bill's retirement, he vows to transform his brash, undisciplined daughter into an upstanding woman. Sometimes it takes a little pressure to get a diamond out of coal, and when Bill starts to lay down the law he quickly discovers his daughter is capable of far more than he ever gave her credit for. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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  • Lisa Ann Walter - Dee Dee Rutherford
  • Kurtwood Smith - William Rutherford
  • Mason Gamble - Christopher Rutherford
  • J.P. Manoux - Yugo
  • John M. Watson, Sr. - Ali
  • Saralynne Crittenden - Gina Wentworth

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Director: Mike Meiners

Rated R

Run Time: 81 minutes

Released By: Cinemetro Films

Official Website:

quotes i liked:

♥ It's the hunt and the kill, baby! ~ Dee Dee
♥ I'm American, baby! ~ Dee Dee
♥ I hate the fucking newspapers. Why can't they just mind their own business? ~ Dee Dee
♥ You really know how to do entrances and exits. ~ Christopher
♥ How do you do that? ~ Christopher
♥ I don't know how to be anybody else. ~ Dee Dee
♥ I love making things happen. ~ Dee Dee

I hope you enjoy as well as I did.  ☺

au revoir. (for now,)



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