Lost Unicorn, May You Find Your Way

It was then that my mum called me a trashy slut, I came to realize what I have become and how far I was becoming than what I was waaay back! I came to think about to the point that I was really doing things the wrong way and even if I haven't noticed that I was really wrong and unproductive at the same time, that made me see how much shame, disgrace and disappointments I brought to my family. 

explains my twitter bio

And even if I don't clearly or overlook to see it but having to think that being a free thinker, open minded and modern isn't really a dumb excuse to get away with things or seem to rebel, just because I get to have been being protected most of the time by my parents and the deprivation of some things which people usually my age seem to enjoy a lot (such as partying, clubbing, frequent going outs 'til midnight, etc..). I honestly feel sorry now, I realize how much of a shame I am. And those troubles I've caused and the trusts I've broken, I ask God for help and restoration to fill me up with.   

After a little while, this made my evening:

a reply from an old friend

I thank God for this friend and His mercy! 


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"Don't be so quick to judge. You only see what I choose to show!" ;)

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