Would Anyone Stop And Think?


Food For Thought

The Greatest Sin - Fear
The Best Day - Today
The Best Town - Where You Succeed
The Best Work - What You Like
The Best Play - Work
The Greatest Stumbling Block - Egotism
The Greatest Mistake - Giving Up
The Most Expensive Indulgence - Hate
The Greatest Troublemaker - One Who Talks Too Much
The Most Ridiculous Trait - False Pride
The Most Dangerous Man - The Liar
The Greatest Need - Common Sense
The Greatest Thought - God
The Greatest Wealth - Health
The Greatest Gift You Can Give or Receive - Love
The Greatest Race To Win - A Long Vigorous Life
Man's Greatest Companion & Friend - Good Books
Your Enemies - Envy, Greed, Self - Indulgence, Self Pity
Life's Greatest Adventure - Growth On The Physical, Mental & Spiritual Plan
Most Disgusting - A Show Off
Most Repulsive - A Bully
Most Overbearing Manner - Arrogance
Man's Greatest Stumbling Block - Ignorance
The Greatest Sieve - Before You Say Anything, Say To Yourself, Is It Kind? - Is It True? - Is It Necessary?

Beauty Hints, At No Cost

For Wrinkling Eyebrows

Try the well-known cream, Sweetness of Temper. It tones up the facial muscles, reduces wrinkles and everything is uplifting.

For The Lips

Use the marvelous lipstick, Silence. It is particularly good for lips that have been distorted bu uncharitable gossip.

For Lovely Hands

There's really only one preparation to use. It is called Generosity. Get a larger size jar.

For Facial Tone

Expose the face to the morning air, especially between six to eight o'clock. The air on the day to Service is especially refreshing and uplifting.

For Clear Eyes

Faithful care with that tried & true protective preparation. Modesty. For the best results we recommend that you carry it wherever you go.

A Wonderful Cleansing Agent
An Ideal Conditioner Agent Beautifier 
Holy Communion

Remember, we are, 
the food we eat.
   the water we drink.
   the air we breathe.
   the muscles we use.
        & the thoughts we think.

Went through my topsy-turvy room last night, found a bunch of interesting stuff including this one. Originally planned to just simply scan the piece of paper containing these notes, but since that paper has a tinge of some sticky out-of-this-world, i-honestly-have-no-idea-what-it-is (yeaah, my room's terribly messy), I decided to type and blog the whole thing here and share it out with you, guys! Yes, it sure is a time taking activity but I hope everyone's gotten a new perspective. ;)


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