Dazzling Christmas Village Of Hope

It's Christmas! Well, everyday could be and is a Christmas day. It has been always crazy how time flies on a daily basis, since little did everyone know, it's already the first day of December and you can smell Christmas everywhere.

overview of the Christmas Village of Hope area
Especially when you have time to visit malls and have some look around, you can definitely see the spirit, joys and essence of the season.

Pictures and our visit were on a Sunday (which is also our family day) after church.

Those tiny little trees on the villages:

village hill & adorable train

white glittery villa w/ tiny trees. so vibrant in colour!

Christmas trees on a shimmer: 

my personal fave rainbow scheme effect! ;)

naturally gorgeous

black & white is always a classic.
In case if you haven't bother to simply notice, these pics were edited via instagram and I wasn't really a fan of it since it was publicly released but during that moment, I just came to realized, why not give it a try and it went pretty cool with me! From then on, I started trying out every effects that would fit with the pictures' scenes and colours, not to mention that it's so much fun!

just awesome

Aside from instagram, I also tried gifboom & here's to that:

I've always loved GIFs and seeing these two photos dazzling, shimmering, glittering in a rainbow manner is such a zest of my leaping heart in joy! Okay, it may sound a little bit exaggerated but yes, I love everything that glitters, I love rainbows & pictures / objects that are accordingly in motion gets me excited! Nonetheless, just some few trivia. But who doesn't? ;) 

Whoever has instagram or gifboom for that matter, please feel free to connect with me & let's show each other some lovin'. 

INSTAGRAM FOR WEB (for best viewing)


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