This Is Fun! I Swear. Prepare To Meet Your Facebook Stalkers.

Wanna meet those chums who's been viewing your facebook profile all along?

I know. I know. All those annoying faux applications is far from this and I assure you, folks, this one is pure legit! In fact, the trick is just simple:

Step 1:

Log in to your facebook account & click on your facebook profile.

Step 2:

Right click. Then click View Page Source.

Step 3:

Ctrl+F for Windows & Command+F if you're on a Mac. Find FriendsList on the text box.

Step 4:

Click to zoom

As you can see, after finding for FriendsList, it will be highlighted. The numbers below list, inside the quotations marks ("") and are separated by a comma, is an another name for your facebook username, say, . 

Step 5:

Use the numbers as substitute for a facebook username. 
For example, you have "100000222222234" as one of the numbers scripted below link, replace example with this scripted number and you can see such amusing results.  

*If something comes up, just hit a comment below. 

Have fun! ;)


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