Vanille Café & Pâtisserie


Cuisine Type: French
Location: Ayala Center Cebu Level 3 (near the Activity Circle)
Contact No.: (032) 417 1500
Price Range: Php 200 - Php 600

Operating Hours: 
Monday - Thursday: 10:00AM to 11:00PM
Friday - Saturday: 10:00AM to 11:30PM
Sunday: 10:00AM to 11:00PM


Wifi: Yes
Power Source: Yes
Menu: Click Here & Here

Since last week, I've been wanting to take some bite of french macaroons. So, I decided to try and dig into Vanille Café & Pâtisserie. This café definitely serves a good taste of french. 

To which we had macaroons in coconut and cookies & cream flavours, black forest and vanille blu, which is known to be their specialty.   

What makes vanille blu special is that, underneath the layers of cinnamon toppings and vanilla coffee, lies the blue curacao in it's sensuous aromatic flavour.  
Vanille Blu

with Cinnamon Toppings

The french macaroons, however, has its soft & delicate flavour when you try taking a bite, paired with sweet coconut and cookies & cream flavours (in my case, but there are also a lot of flavours to choose from such as vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, etc..).
Coconut with Cookies & Cream Macaroons
Needless to say, the feeling of wanting it take some more bite of it due to its softness and vulnerability is tempting & luscious. In the core of it has its total essence of what makes it a french macaroon to the soul of its sweetness cream

Black Forest

Another random yet über yummy treat, I can say, is the black forest. It's so sweet, delicious, timely and chocolate filled topped with vanilla & choco rolls that if you're one of the chocoholics, you'd never want enough!  



The ambiance is also excellent. Though the original branch of Vanille Café & Pâtisserie is in the Level 2 of the Terraces of The Ayala Mall Cebu, it has been oficially transferred into the 3rd Level inside the actual mall near the Activity Circle.


a sneek peek caption of their mini Eiffel Tower

And not just macaroons and black forest, but they also sell pastries, frappes, certain kind of non-alcoholic beverages and tea, too! You can see it on their menu in the misc section above.

Keep exploring!


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